Conducting Hospital Needs Analysis

The needs analysis in our RAS has been set out in a particular order on purpose. As we are aware, there is a tiered system in health insurance of basic, bronze, silver & gold.

We have also learned about the existence of Bronze Plus & Silver Plus. Using our knowledge on private health insurance the questions are set out in a manner that it filters out customers early on and places them on the correct level of cover.

A good example of this is:

If a customer says no to the first 4 questions and says yes to dialysis of chronic kidney failure, we do not have to ask anymore questions on the list as everything below dialysis of chronic kidney failure will automatically be covered. This is because as we go lower into the needs analysis, the lower we go on the cover.

Once you have conducted the needs analysis you need to recap the answers to the customer to reassure them that you have been paying attention to their needs. How this recap sounds is going to be dependent on the conversation you have with the customer. Here are some possible scenarios you will have.

Scenario one:

you might come up against will be older customers (55+) who are on gold cover, and then often say NO to pregnancy, IVF, weight loss & psych but say Yes to Joint Replacements. With these customers you might say something like “OK, so that’s the hospital needs analysis done, just to recap, I’ll be looking for a top level of hospital cover you which will cover you for all the things that you might need later on in life, I’m just not going to be too concerned about those 4 things you said No to, which was pregnancy, IVF, weight loss & psych, ok”

Scenario two:

If customer is new to health cover and they say YES to heart surgery but nothing above heart, you might say something like “Ok, so in relation to your hospital cover, I’ll be looking for a silver level of hospital cover which will cover you for thousands of procedureslike heart surgery, chemotherapy and plenty more, but I just wont be too concerned about the services you said no to, ok?