Packleader Pacific – Health Deal Campaign
Recruitment Application

Please answer as many questions as you can. We will review your answers and be in touch over the next week or two to conduct a telephone screening if you pass our survey.

Please note, that there is a 3 stage hiring process: 

1. Telephone screening 

2. Group Interview 

3. Face to Face Interview (ONLY with shortlisted applicants)

The Role

You will be working as a “Health Insurance Comparison Consultant” for an Australian health insurance broker called Health Deal. You will be making outbound sales calls to a mixture of warm and cold leads to help people compare their current health insurance policy with the aim of switching them to a better deal. 

This role is suited to people who are money hungry, high sales achievers and people who continuously push themselves. 

Pay Structure

  • You will begin on training rates of $150 per week until you pass training, this can range between 3 – 8 weeks. You will have classroom training for 2 weeks, and then will be assessed for the following 6 weeks. You will pass training as soon as you have made 4 sales in 1 week with 100% compliance.
  • $16,000 per annum as a start with later progressing to $20,000 or $25,000 PA base wage which changes every two months depending on your performance.
  • Generous commissions (High performing agents can earn $3,000+ a month)

Working Hours

  •     10am – 8pm (Victoria, Australia hours) Monday – Friday; or
  •     10am – 8pm (Victoria, Australia hours) Tuesday – Saturday
  •     Sunday – No work


  •    Will commence from 10 October 2022 (PackleaderPacific: Ratu Dovi Road Laucala Beach Estate)
  •    Two weeks of classroom training + 6 weeks of continuous training

Please Complete Recruitment Application

Please complete the survey below to the best of your ability. We will be in touch if we like your answers. All the best.