Packleader Pacific - Health Deal Campaign Recruitment Application

Please answer as many questions as you can. We will review your answers and be in touch over the next week or two to conduct a telephone screening if you pass our survey.

Please note, that there is a 3 stage hiring process: 

  1. Telephone screening
  2. Group Interview
  3. Face to Face Interview (ONLY with shortlisted applicants)

The Role

You will be working as a “Health Insurance Comparison Consultant” for an Australian health insurance broker called Health Deal. You will be making outbound sales calls to a mixture of warm and cold leads to help people compare their current health insurance policy with the aim of switching them to a better deal. 

This role is suited to people who are money hungry, high sales achievers and people who continuously push themselves. 

Pay Structure

  • $16,000 per annum as a starting salary with later progressing to $20,000 or $25,000 per annum base wage which changes every two months depending on your performance.
  • Generous commissions (High performing agents can earn $3,000+ a month)

Working Hours

  • 10am – 8pm (Victoria, Australia hours) Monday – Friday; or
  • 10am – 8pm (Victoria, Australia hours) Tuesday – Saturday
  • Sunday – No work


  • Will commence from 02 October 2023 (Packleader Pacific: Ratu Dovi Road Laucala Beach Estate)
  • Two weeks of classroom training + 6 weeks of assessment 
  • You will pass training as soon as you have made 4 sales in 1 week with 100% compliance

Job Application Form