Packleader Pacific - Health Deal Sales Trainer Application

Please answer as many questions as you can. We will review your answers and be in touch over the next week or two to conduct a telephone screening if you pass our survey. Please note, there is a 3 stage hiring process: 

  1. Telephone screening 
  2. Face to Face Interview 
  3. Interview with Melbourne General Manager via Skype

The Role

You will be working as a “Health Insurance Sales Trainer” for an Australian health insurance broker called Health Deal. You will be responsbile for:

  • Developing and implementing regular refresher training programs 
  • Delivering training to new recruits
  • Continuously refreshing and updating current training materials  
  • Improving the overall sales performance of the company by developing personalised performance improvement plans for agents

This role is suited to someone who has a passion for teaching and genuinely cares about the work they produce. 

Pay Structure

  • You will begin on a salary of $18,000 which will rise to $23,000 if you pass your probation on your 6 month anniversary. 
Working Hours
  • 10am – 7pm (Victoria, Australia hours) Monday – Friday 
  • Will commence on Monday 14th March 2022 (Packleader Pacific: Ratu Dovi Road Laucala Beach Estate)
  • Two weeks of classroom training with an exisiting trainer plus one of week of handover. 

Please Complete Recruitment Application

Please complete the survey below to the best of your ability. We will be in touch if we like your answers. All the best.